Train Arrival

Report Arrival (ALT+A)

    Saves the arrival details of a particular train.

This option shall provide the facility to report arrival date, line number, and disposal code of a selected load.  It shall be possible to report arrival at any station on the ‘train path’, in the sequence that they fall.  Arrival reporting shall be mandatory for certain stations (‘reporting locations’) on the train path. Arrival date, time shall modify the remaining ETAs on the train path / Load path. When arrival is reported at an ‘train upto’ station, the train is implicitly terminated. This shall be the default mode for reporting. If the station is an Interchange Point by Arrival, the load is interchanged with current consist and Loco details. The user shall have an option to report crew sign off at the time of reporting arrival or after reporting arrival till the train has not departed from the station.




S. No.

Input Description


1. Station M
2. Arrival Time M
3. Arrival Date M
4. Line Number O
5. Direction M
6. Disposal Code O
7. Crew flag M
8. Loco Detachment Flag M


S. No.

Output Description


Return Value