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Parichaalan is a mobile application which has been conceptualized and developed by CRIS to make decision making and online monitoring of freight trains for freight operations easy and user friendly. The application represents data not only in a pictorial and graphical manner that is easily comprehensible but also makes the information dynamic as it is real time. Parichaalan moves operations management systems to a higher level of real time decision making and effectively caters to at Divisional, Zonal and Railway Board levels.Parichaalan is designed for:

  • Providing a schematic-mapped movement of freight trains.
  • Providing a powerful search tool-to sift through voluminous data.
  • Providing an effective Decision Support System by focusing on the right parameters.
  • Use of powerful graphical interfaces-for easy comprehension of vital parameters of operations.
  • Providing an effective planning tool-predictive in nature for planning of movement and loading.
  • Allowing for mobility of officials- Live updates and decision sharing through the application.
  • Allowing adequate time for officials- less stressful working environment.
  • Allowing for instant information retrieval across multiple pages through hyperlinks.
  • Cost saving in procurement of paper, printing and distribution.
Image for Parichaalan Screens

Initially, the interface shall be provided through a Web-URL access accessible on any mobile and desktop device through browser independent of the Operating System. An App based version is being proposed as a new work in 2018-19.

FOISMapView- GIS Interface

FOISMapView- Indian Railways is a complex rail network spread across the country with phenomenal growth in volumes of traffic as well as continuous augmentation of infrastructure and network. It becomes imperative to leverage the enhanced analytical tools available with us for improved operations, monitoring of freight trains and optimization of rolling stock. FOIS has hither to been helping its stake holders monitor the freight business through MIS database represented in forms of data tables. FOISMapView - A GIS based monitoring and management tool has been designed and developed in CRIS which provides layered views of freight trains on Indian Railways network which can help plan the traffic flows and optimize freight operations. The FOISMapView has been designed to cater to Divisional, Zonal and Board levels of management for improved freight operations. It provides Geo-Spatial view of freight train performances, some of which are:

  • Position of all freight trains on IR Network.
  • Movement of freight trains from one zone/division to another zone/division across IR.
  • Position of Rakes on the network detailing commodity wise loading.
  • Position of all freight stock on IR - both loaded and empty on the network.
  • Monitor Inward/ Expected traffic flow at Interchange points along with real time monitoring of forecast for day against actual interchange.
  • Indicates new traffic O-Ds captured over IR network.
  • Indicates Rakes detaining beyond permissible free time on the network.
  • Loading trends of major commodities is available identifying the loading performances of terminals and their O-D on the network.
  • Section wise speed performance of freight trains across the network which is updated on real time basis. This is done by making use of real time sectional running data captured through Control Office Application and comparing it with the historical freight running data to work out the level of performance in the section on real time basis.
Image for GIS Interface of FOIS- FOISMapView

Congestion Prediction Modules

TPMS – Terminal Pipeline Management System, is a Decision Support System which works on historical trends on average transit time, average handling time, terminal capacities. The system predicts the congestion at Unloading Terminal from any source division of Indian Railways.

  • Congestion is predicted on three scales: Marginal, Medium and Severe Congestion.
  • Different user views are available for congestion prediction.
  • Exception reports for loading against predicted congestion.
Image for Congestion Prediction Module- TPMS

Designed and Developed By:
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021
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