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About Us

Indian Railways is the backbone of the country's logistics sector. We carry more than 1.4 Billon tonnes of freight traffic every year over a network of 68000 kms. With our network touching almost every nook and corner of the country, we play a crucial role in facilitating a balanced and inclusive socio economic development of the country. We carry almost all commodities including bulk commodities like Coal, Iron ore, Iron & Steel, Food grains, Cement, Petroleum products, Fertilizer and other commodities carried in containers. We are proud to serve more than 9,000 customers. We are the most environment friendly mode of land transportation. Our commitment is competitive rates and timely delivery of cargo. View Gallery

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* Carbon Emission Saved (TonnesCO2) is for freight transportation with Indian Railways since 01-04-2022

A glimpse of what we offer

Green & Energy-efficient Transportation

Trains are not just the safest way to transport freight - they are also green and amongst the most energy efficient mode of transportation. Why? Because they generate up to 80% less CO2 and consume 75-90% less energy for freight traffic than road transport.

Railways carries significant amount of nation's freight, and what we transport touches individuals in all walks of life. We do this while

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Saving on Fuel Costs
  • Relieving Highway Congestion

Transporting goods by train also provides benefits to the environment beyond fuel efficiency and sustainability, it reduces supply chain costs, allowing Indian businesses to be more competitive in the global market.

Rail Green Point (RGP)

To make freight customers aware about how much carbon emission they have saved by opting to transport by Railways in comparison with road, Indian Railways have decided to credit Rail Green Points (RGPs) to the customers. The carbon saving is estimated in terms of TonnesCO2 and credited to the customer as Rail Green Points (RGPs). A RGP account is maintained for every freight customer on his dashboard. Once Railway Receipt (RR) is generated, the RGPs earned are credited to the RGP account of the customer. The cumulative RGPs of a customer are shown in his RGP account on Freight Business Development portal.

Total Carbon Emissions Saved (since 01.04.2022) from Freight Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

 What are different stages in cargo booking?

You can register demand for wagons online from the place of your convenience using our e-Demand Service. First you will have to get yourself registered with us. Alternatively, you may submit a forwarding note, containing details of Commodity, Originating and Destination points (Railway Locations) etc. at the Loading Location over Indian Railways. Know more about booking process.

 How to select suitable originating and Terminating terminal for your cargo?

You may find most suitable Terminal to transport your cargo from a wide network of 4000+ Terminals of Indian Railways based on your location, district, state, PINCODE, Railway Division or Railway Zone using our Search Terminal Dashboard.

 How to find a suitable wagon for my cargo?

You may find a most suitable wagon for your commodity using our Wagon Selector Tool.

 What is Wagon Registration Fee?

Wagon Registration Fee (WRF) is a token amount collected at the time of placing indent. At present, the WRF is Rs.50000/- per rake. This amount may be adjusted in Freight.

 What is Siding Charge?

Siding Charges are charges levied for hauling a rake (Freight Train) between Railway serving station and its siding for loading / unloading of Goods.

 What is Electronic Railway Receipt or eT-RR?

Electronic Railway Receipt or eT-RR has been launched to provide paperless transaction system where Railway Receipt is generated and transmitted electronically to customer through FOIS, and even delivery of goods is given through e-surrender of eT-RR.

 What is the rate of Demurrage Charge?

At present, rate of Demurrage Charge is Rs 150/- per wagon per hour or part of an hour.

 Whom to approach to offer traffic to rail?

Step by Step guidance can be provided by Chief Goods Supervisor/Goods clerk at station.Please visit nearest Goods Shed.

 How may I know about freight policy?

The information regarding freight policy are uploaded on the webpage of Traffic Commercial Dte under www.indianrailways.gov.in

 What is through distance based charging?

Through distance based charging is the system of charging freight upto the buffer end of the siding, in place of levying Siding Charge.

 What are stacking guidelines?

Customers who have placed indent for wagon may apply for free advance stacking permission. Permission for advance stacking is granted keeping in view the traffic pattern, number of rakes handled, availability of space etc. at the station/goods shed concerned.

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